Digital Marketing matters more than ever.

That should matter to YOU.

The events of 2020 hyper-accelerated a shift towards digital communications, commerce, and consumer behaviour with a speed unimaginable just a year prior.

Businesses that adapted to this trend sustained and surpassed their 2019 numbers. Businesses not taking advantage of digital channels are being left behind with every passing day.

Clearly, our world is only becoming MORE digital. And it is equally clear that there is a significant lack of education on and resources for the many nuances and challenges associated with running a successful business in a digital environment.

But expert knowledge in Digital is rare.

And that’s where DHMG comes in.

But expert knowledge in Digital is rare.

And that’s where DHMG comes in.

I can help you create cost-effective and scaleable digital marketing systems for your business.

My expertise ranges from marketing funnel development, to paid media campaign management and e-commerce sales, to data analytics. While many agencies and consultants choose to treat their clients’ marketing like a black box, my approach empowers businesses to take control of their marketing – short term and long term.

If you’re looking to improve your personal understanding of the digital marketing operations of your business, or to improve the technical capabilities of your marketing team, DHMG is here for you.


My Workshops.

Analytics-Enabled Advertising

Harness the power of your data! Learn how to wield advanced data metrics to super-charge your marketing and advertising efforts.

E-Commerce Operations Optimization

Optimize your digital storefront with your ideal customer journey in mind. Learn how to build a high-converting website.

Outbound Sales, Digitized

Digital advertising isn’t the only way to grow your business online.
Learn traditional sales techniques, adapted for the internet.

Total Ad Dollars Managed

Completed Projects

Countries Advertised In

And countless dollars saved.


Now, I’m here to share my expert knowledge with your expert team.

Under the DHMG brand, I have assisted dozens of businesses across multiple industries in developing, growing, and internally maintaining healthy, high-converting digital advertising systems.

Many of my past and present clients have achieved record sales levels during our projects, and in multiple cases, gone on to experience exponential growth via significant seed round funding.


Some of my recent projects.

We very much appreciate the work DHMG is doing for us at Prairie Sun Solar, as it has been very successful so far! We are achieving goals we had on the backburner forever with DHMG’s skills and talent. Digital marketing is a hard space to find someone that actually provides you the value you need as a small or medium sized business. DHMG only sells us what we need and works with our business on systems that are tailored to our specific needs.

Dylan has provided value to us throughout the entire process!


Brenden Owens,
Prairie Sun Solar

We have worked on marketing with Dylan on multiple occasions, he is always a consummate professional. Dylan has a rare ability to clearly perceive the nuances of a company’s culture, and then to deliver cohesive, on-point messaging that encapsulates that culture and resonates with customers.

In our extremely competitive market, Dylan has done an outstanding job of differentiating us and positioning us above the noise. Highly recommended.

Eric Gartner,


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