Learn to conceptualize, build, execute, and optimize digital advertising efforts.

My Advanced Analytics-Enabled Advertising Workshop is a 8 week program designed to assist organizations in the development of high-converting digital sales channels.

To apply for this unique technical digital marketing masterclass, please submit your application below. Due to the intensive nature of this program, placements are limited.

Advanced Analytics-Enabled Advertising.

What’s in the course?

My 8 week workshop for Advanced Analytics-Enabled Advertising consists of a series of intensive 1-on-1 workshops on key concepts, theory and tools for digital sales techniques.

Each week in the program includes 3 hours  of coaching and collaboration sessions. We’ll take each week to focus on a particular element of successful digital advertising systems, dividing our time between theory and collaborative exercises. Each week will build on the accomplishments in prior weeks, and you’ll be feeling confident and prepared to manage and scale your new digital sales systems. 

In total, this program entails 24 hours of personal workshop sessions and has a final cost of $3,600 + GST. Full payment is required prior to beginning the course. 

Depending on certain organizational factors, your application may be eligible for federal and/or provincial funding to help pay for course fees. Please contact me directly for more information on available program funding.

 Workshop Outline

Week 1 - General Marketing Theory & Organizational Analytics Audit
  • Topic 1 – Introductory Session and Discussion of Organizational Goals
  • Topic 2 – General Digital Marketing Theory
  • Topic 3 – In-depth Analysis of Existing Data Infrastructure
Week 2 - Conversion Tracking and Google Tag Manager
  • Topic 1 – Tools of the Trade – Overview of Google Tag Manager
  • Topic 2 – Implementation of Conversion Tracking
  • Topic 3 – Using Custom Events/JavaScript via Google Tag Manager
Week 3 - Implementation of the New Data Analytics Infrastructure
  • Topic 1 – Tools of the Trade – Overview of Google Analytics 
  • Topic 2 – Implementation of Conversion Tracking (Pt. 1)
  • Topic 3 – Implementation of Conversion Tracking (Pt. 2)
Week 4 - Introduction to Google Ads
  • Topic 1 – Google Ads Theory & Intentional Advertising
  • Topic 2 – Proper Google Ads Account Structure
  • Topic 3 – Using Google Search Estimates as Forecasting Exercises
Week 5 - Advanced Tactics for Google Ads
  • Topic 1 – Breaking Down Keyword Structure Strategy
  • Topic 2 – What Bidding Strategy is Best?
  • Topic 3 – Using Advanced Bid Adjustments For Increased Efficiency
Week 6 - Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Google Ads
  • Topic 1 – What is Quality Score?
  • Topic 2 – Using Lighthouse Report Data to Boost Conversions
  • Topic 3 – Conversion Pathway Best Practices
Week 7 - Preparing Google Ads for Launch
  • Topic 1 – What’s a Good Budget?
  • Topic 2 – KPI Benchmarks to Key In on
  • Topic 3 – How to Set Up Structured A/B Tests
Week 8 - Managing Ongoing Optimization Efforts
  • Topic 1 – The Trouble with Sample Sizes
  • Topic 2 – Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Customer
  • Topic 3 – How To Know Which Lever to Pull and When

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