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Our Developing Marketing Funnels Training Course is a 7-week program designed to empower employees with the skills necessary to conceptualize, build, execute, and optimize new outbound sales campaigns by building a marketing funnel.

To apply for this marketing funnel training program, please submit your application below. Due to the intensive nature of this program, placements are limited.

Developing Marketing Funnels.

What’s in the course?

Our 7-week Developing Marketing Funnels Training Course consists of 5 hours of one-on-one coaching, discussion of weekly topics, and collaborative learning exercises per week.

Each week will focus on a different topic of the marketing funnel, the theory behind it, its practical applications, and strategic tactics to enable a full-scale marketing funnel for your business.  Every week builds on the previous weeks’ lesson and assessment.  By the end of the course, you’ll be feeling confident and prepared to create an achievable and informed marketing funnel for your business.  

In total, this program entails 35 hours of personal workshop sessions and has a final cost of $4,700 + GST. Full payment is required prior to beginning the course. 

Depending on certain organizational factors, your application may be eligible for federal and/or provincial funding to help pay for course fees. Please contact us directly for more information on available program funding.

 Workshop Outline

Week 1 - Awareness
  • Topic 1 – Stage 1 of the Marketing Funnel – Lead Generation
  • Topic 2 – Tactics to build and generate awareness
  • Topic 3 – Understanding types of consumers and involvement levels.
Week 2 - Interest
  • Topic 1 – Stage 2 of the Marketing Funnel – Lead Nurturing
  • Topic 2 – Tactics to build and generate engagement
  • Topic 3 – Introduction to positioning
Week 3 - AIDA
  • Topic 1 – Introduction to AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action)
  • Topic 2 – Content for tactics for each stage
  • Topic 3 – How to identify where your business fits in the model and how to level up within it. 
Week 4 - Consideration
  • Topic 1 – Stage 2 of the Marketing Funnel – Lead Nurturing (cont.)
  • Topic 2 – Tactics to showcase service offerings
  • Topic 3 – Introduction to grass-root marketing strategies
Week 5 - Intent
  • Topic 1 – Stage 3 of the Marketing Funnel – Sales
  • Topic 2 – Tactics to “lock-in” sales
  • Topic 3 – Understanding your customer/user profiles
Week 6 - Evaluation & Purpose
  • Topic 1 – End of the Marketing Funnel – Purchase
  • Topic 2 – Proof necessary for conversion
  • Topic 3 – Define ‘Needle-Moving’ offers for your business
Week 7 - Post-Purchase
  • Topic 1 – Introduction to the Customer Loyalty Loop
  • Topic 2 – Introduction to the Customer FlyWheel
  • Topic 3 – How to encourage repeat customers/users

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