We help leaders & teams conceptualize, build, execute, and optimize their digital advertising efforts.

Our Advanced Analytics-Enabled Advertising & Marketing Workshop is a 30 day program designed to assist organizations in the development of high-converting digital sales channels.

To apply for this unique technical digital marketing masterclass, please submit your application below. Due to the intensive nature of this program, placements are limited.

Digital Marketing matters more than ever.

That should matter to YOU.

The events of 2020 hyper-accelerated a shift towards digital communications with a speed few could have predicted.

Businesses that adapted to this trend sustained and surpassed their 2019 numbers. Businesses not taking advantage of digital channels are being left behind.

But expert knowledge in Digital is rare.

Where do you start?

Clearly, our world is only going to become MORE digital. And it is equally clear to us that there is a significant lack of education on and resources for the many nuances and challenges associated with running a successful business in a digital environment.

That’s why we created our Advanced Analytics-Enabled Advertising & Marketing Masterclass.

 If you’re looking to improve your personal understanding of the digital marketing operations of your business, or to improve the technical capabilities of your marketing team, we’re here for you.

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We’re here to share our expert knowledge with your expert team.

As an organization, DHMG has assisted dozens of businesses develop, grow, and internally maintain healthy, high-converting digital advertising systems.

Many of our past and present clients have achieved record sales levels alongside us, and in multiple cases, gone on to experience exponential growth via significant seed round funding.

Take a moment to read some words from our past and present clientele.

And countless dollars saved.

We’re here to share our expert knowledge with your expert team.

DHMG has assisted dozens of businesses in developing, growing, and internally maintaining healthy, high-converting digital advertising systems.

Many of our past and present clients have achieved record sales levels alongside us, and in multiple cases, gone on to experience exponential growth via significant seed round funding.


What’s in the course?

Our 30 day workshop for Advanced Analytics-Enabled Digital Advertising & Marketing – Part I consists of a series of intensive 1-on-1 workshops on key concepts, theory and tools for digital marketing, advertising and analytics.

Each week includes 4 2.5-hour coaching sessions and 1 3-hour review and discussion session on Fridays. You’ll also be given direct Slack access throughout the program to our expert consultants for quick Q&A assistance outside of sessions.  

Depending on certain organizational factors, your application may be eligible for federal and/or provincial funding to help pay for the course fees. Please contact us directly for more information on available program funding.

   Masterclass Concepts

General Digital Marketing Theory

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing like we are, but you do need to know enough to be dangerous.

We’ll help you understand your CPCs and your CPMs, your analytics and your averages, and much more – one thing at a time.

Creating, Managing, & Optimizing Your Data Analytics Infrastructures

There’s no excuse to be uninformed about your organization’s digital environment, but we know it’s difficult to get started.

We’ll help you get comfortable with the tools of the trade, and we’ll help you set up your own Data Analytics Infrastructure – a crucial piece in optimizing and scaling your marketing efforts.

Building Laser-Focused Inbound Advertising Campaigns

There’s nothing easy about creating high-converting digital advertising campaigns. If there was, everybody would be doing it!

However, there are repeatable methods that we have used for dozens of clientele that prove it can be done. We’ll share our secret sauce with you.

Best Practices for Organizing, Optimizing, and Scaling Your Digitally Channels

Once your ad accounts are serving live ads to your customers, the real dollars are in the details.

We’ll show you best practices for identifying marginal efficiencies across the board, helping you to find more value in every dollar spent.

 Workshop Outline

Week 1: General Marketing Theory & Organizational Analytics Audit

The first week focusses on your organization’s goals and current digital infrastructure. Once we design a game plan together, we’ll work your advanced digital marketing theory.

Week 2: Implementation of the New Data Analytics Infrastructure

The 2nd week focusses on improving your understanding of the way your users and customers interact with your website – your digital storefront. In 2021, your data analytics serve as an organizational guiding light.

Week 3: Implementation of the New Google Ads Infrastructure

When done properly, there’s no marketing & sales channel quite like Google Search Ads. It’s “intentional” marketing, and it’s excellent for establishing interest and demand in new markets.

Week 4: Implementation of the New Facebook Ads Infrastructure

We won’t sugarcoat it – running a successful Facebook Ads campaign isn’t easy anymore. But with the proper training, Facebook Ads can exponentially increase website traffic and lower user/sales acquisition costs. We’ll help you get there.

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We very much appreciate the work DHMG is doing for us at Prairie Sun Solar, as it has been very successful so far! We are achieving goals we had on the backburner forever with DHMG’s skills and talent.

Digital marketing is a hard space to find someone that actually provides you the value you need as a small or medium sized business.

DHMG only sells us what we need and works with our business on systems that are tailored to our specific needs. Dylan and his team have provided value to us throughout the entire process!


Brenden Owens,
Prairie Sun Solar


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